Thursday, August 29, 2013

Naughty Chicken!

As mentioned in the previous post about Phoebe and coming inside, I got a heck of a fright this morning when I left the door open and was getting something out of the kitchen cupboard and then heard her (and Ebony-Rose following) jump up onto the bar stool! Seriously, they have a cheek! Sorry the photo isn't the best, but was keen to get them back outside! You will have to look very hard to see Ebony-Rose down by Phoebe's legs!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Chook of the Week!

Meet ...

DOB: 22nd February 2012
Age: 18months
Breed: Isa Brown
Nicknames: Pheebs, Sweet Girl, Sweets
Personality: We swapped Coco (our rooster) for Phoebe. She settled in well, and started laying the next day. She lays almost every day, but I am always glad when she misses a day to give her body a rest. She became very ill last Christmas evening and we thought for sure she was not going to make it, but through share TLC, she bounced back after a few weeks. She is nearly always the first to jump in the vege garden when let out, she is the first to run over when the hose is turned on for fresh water, she is the ONLY one to come inside of her own accord when the back door is left open (that happened when she was ill and Kate let her) She likes short pats/cuddles, and is a real clucky type - gently clucking all day long. She lays dark brown eggs. She belongs to Kate.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Getting ready for Spring!

With just 10 days before spring officially starts in Australia, we made a start today getting the back ready for sitting out there and enjoying the rays! There was some colour added (I do love pansies!) seeds to sort, chairs and cushions to clean, cobwebs to get down, tables to oil, new shoots to admire. The temperature was 20 degrees, just perfect for me! I am looking forward to getting out there again over the next month and enjoying the change of season.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Weekend

The girls had the camera in full swing over the weekend, here are some of my favourite shots they took.
bacon and egg pies for the freezer
cute chickens
forever flipping
out by the garden
they are obsessed with their American Girl Dolls

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chook of the Week!

Meet ...

DOB: 9th March 2012
Age: 17 months
Breed: Wyandotte Bantam
Nicknames: Ommy, Ommy Pommy
Personality: One of our first chooks.  The Boss of the flock! Always last in bed at night. Loves to jump on ladders. Very cuddly. Excellent layer. Lays small white eggs, but has laid a few double yolkers and was our first chicken to lay TWO eggs in one day. Lays 5-6 times a week. Has gone broody twice before. Belongs to Ella, and was named after a chicken on tv.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Phil has been growing these lillies from a cutting. Aren't they beautiful! Spring is not too far away!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Cat!

Gordon loves to sleep in Kates wardrobe during the day. He sneaks in after she goes to school and gets out about 2:45pm, like clockwork. He never goes in on the weekends/holidays when she is home as she doesn't really like him in there. He sleeps mostly in the pink basket, but anywhere will do!

The reason for the mess in there is that Kate 'tries' to make it impossible for him to be comfortable in there hoping he will find somewhere else to sleep! So far, she's had no luck.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Garden Update

We have had quite a bit of much needed rain lately, it really has been lovely to see! The chooks are not so fond of it. They are happy if it is sprinkling lightly, but any heavier and they run for cover. That usually means up on the patio. I try to let them out in-between the heavy rain. I took these photos this morning while the rain stopped for 10 minutes. We are onto our last broccoli now, after I have cut the head off, the rest goes to the chickens. They love that. The snow peas are out of control, and we have our first bean!

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