Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chook of the Week!


Happy Feet
DOB: 24/05/2012
Age: 15.5months
Breed: Hyline
Nicknames: Pecker
Personality: I picked up a couple of chicks at 15 days old from City Farmers. Happy Feet was one of them. She is rather on the small side and has always been that way. She earnt her nickname Pecker as she will jump up and peck any food from hands, knock dishes and bags out of hands and peck bottoms if you bend over!!! She is the first chicken to run to the box where the food is kept no matter where she is. Her hearing is amazing! She is our biggest scratcher by far, scratching up everything in her reach. She loves scratching under the lemon tree the most. She is an excellent layer, not missing many days since she started. She has laid a couple of eggs with no shell in her early days, but apart from that has had no health problems. She loves to be patted, but is not fond of the camera! She belongs to Ella.
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