Friday, September 20, 2013

Out and About & Dance Night!

It has been a full on week for the girls (Kate especially) with dancing. Yesterday was her school dance performance night, so Ella and I, along with Amie, Ruby and Jonah went along to watch. Due to such a rush after school and getting Kate there by 4:30pm (we don't get home until 3:45pm and the school where it was held is half an hour away on a good day) there are no photos off Kate on the night. No photography was allowed by parents or the kids, but there were a couple of photographers from school taking pics, so hopefully soon I will get some of Kate.

Anyway, while Ella and I were waiting for the others to get there, we went on a big walk around the area, we saw some pretty cute houses, and of course the school where it was held is gorgeous (our school theatre doesn't seat enough people) so I took a few photos.

The dance performance itself was outstanding, full credit to the teachers and students!

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