Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chicken Run Extension

We have built a new enclosed run for the chooks over the last couple of days, partly because they were slowly destroying all of our lawn and partly because they were making far too much mess on the patio. The holes they were digging were getting deeper by the day and we were slowly falling in them! They will still get out on the grass from time to time, but only when I am out there with them. We have made the run so it is part of our backyard sustainable living, so our current vege gardens and fruit trees are in the run. They also have access behind the shed and around to another area that will become gardens down the track. So really they will now be off the small lawn area where the kids play, and off the concrete. We will be growing something up the netting, not sure what yet!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


During the week, Kate attended her Year Eight social. It was themed with an "Oscars Night", so the students got to dress up (modestly I might add!), the red carpet was rolled out on their arrival and they danced the night away and tried to win prizes. Kate won a little trophy for "best hair" which was thanks to Ella! It's great to have younger sisters who love to do hair!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In the garden

After some rain, everything is greening up nicely and looking so lush! I can't get over how quickly the beans are growing, they have shot up in the last 2 weeks. We finally have feijoas on our tree (very hard to grow here!) the passionfruit continue to give us a few a day, the basil is huge, the chooks are still laying despite the cooler weather and shorter days. And last but not least, if the door is left open, my constant companion Phoebe comes in and hops on the stool.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Study Nook

 A few weeks ago I spied a room divider on sale at the shops and bought one for the purpose of hiding some of the computer cables at the back of the desk which are somewhat visible. I brought it home, set it up and it looked so good, so I went back and bought another. Now I have made a little study nook that feels like it's on little space, even though it is in the corner of the lounge room. We do have a spare bedroom, but I don't like offices in bedrooms at all. Kate has a desk in her room but she often studies at the (large) kitchen table or uses her laptop in the loungeroom where we all are. I like to be part of what is going on, and being tucked away in a bedroom wouldn't do it for me. This would work well in a conservatory too. Anywhere you have some space. I like to open up the back curtains and see the chickens in the yard, the veges growing and the sun blowing the washing dry! I love my little space!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I didn't get my camera out all day today, completely forgot! Kate and Ella  made me cards which are just the best! Kate gave me some Natio products, Ella bought some goodies from the school Mother's day stall, plus some slippers (not pictured) Amie gave me a set of digital scales (also not pictured) Amie and the kids came up and we had a lovely roast lunch. We did some baking in the afternoon, I had a name, the girls loomed and Jonah played Disney Infinity on The PS. It was a lovely peaceful day (well as peaceful as 4 kids can be!)

I hope everyone else had a happy day whatever they did!

Friday, May 09, 2014

Loom Band Storage

My girls' are huge fans of the current trend - looming. So after getting sick of find bands (made and unmade) everywhere I put these cute colourful little drawers to keep it all in. They now just wheel the drawers out to where they are looming (or take just one drawer with them) and away they go! So much easier to keep track of it all.

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