Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Study Nook

 A few weeks ago I spied a room divider on sale at the shops and bought one for the purpose of hiding some of the computer cables at the back of the desk which are somewhat visible. I brought it home, set it up and it looked so good, so I went back and bought another. Now I have made a little study nook that feels like it's on little space, even though it is in the corner of the lounge room. We do have a spare bedroom, but I don't like offices in bedrooms at all. Kate has a desk in her room but she often studies at the (large) kitchen table or uses her laptop in the loungeroom where we all are. I like to be part of what is going on, and being tucked away in a bedroom wouldn't do it for me. This would work well in a conservatory too. Anywhere you have some space. I like to open up the back curtains and see the chickens in the yard, the veges growing and the sun blowing the washing dry! I love my little space!

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