Thursday, June 12, 2014

Operation Kate

Kate finally had her knee surgery yesterday after an error late Friday which saw us having to change days (only by a day thank goodness) and hospitals.
She was very brave (much more than I was feeling never having an OP in my life!) and went into theatre around 1:40pm. She was back in her room just after 2:30pm feeling sore but very hungry. She ate half a sandwich, then felt sick (as you do) and then continued to vomit until we decided to make a run for home about 6:45pm. She was sick on the freeway home (not nice when I was driving and couldn't pull over) and continued once home. She finally settled down to sleep in the wee hours and as I type this post up, thankfully she is still asleep.
I only took photos up until she ate that half sandwich. I must say, I have never seen her so white, poor girl!
the view outside her room
a happy Kate checks out the bed
and the blankets
a bit of looming to fill the time
tucking in post-OP. Soon after the sickness started.
So I took photos as the sun started to set
Love the autumn colours

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