Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Rose Garden

I love roses! My Dad grew the most beautiful roses when I was growing up, so we were always surrounded by them. Mum always had some inside in a vase, and I remember they always smelled divine!

I only have a few roses. SIX to be precise. Four of them were here when we bought this house 8 and a half years ago, I've since planted 2 more - Mother's Love and when Dad passed away, I planted Father's Love in his memory.

They are late in blooming this year, maybe because of our cooler weather for this time of year, maybe because I pruned them a bit later than I usually would. I'm not sure. I know they would never win any prizes, but I do love their colours and smell. They are summer to me.

And I have followed in Mums footsteps and often have some in a vase.

My most favourite rose in the World is "Birthday Present" My Nana had one when I was growing up, and later on Mum & Dad grew one. I think it may only be available in NZ.

Birthday Present

It is a deep red climber, with the most beautiful smell!

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