Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Rose Garden

I love roses! My Dad grew the most beautiful roses when I was growing up, so we were always surrounded by them. Mum always had some inside in a vase, and I remember they always smelled divine!

I only have a few roses. SIX to be precise. Four of them were here when we bought this house 8 and a half years ago, I've since planted 2 more - Mother's Love and when Dad passed away, I planted Father's Love in his memory.

They are late in blooming this year, maybe because of our cooler weather for this time of year, maybe because I pruned them a bit later than I usually would. I'm not sure. I know they would never win any prizes, but I do love their colours and smell. They are summer to me.

And I have followed in Mums footsteps and often have some in a vase.

My most favourite rose in the World is "Birthday Present" My Nana had one when I was growing up, and later on Mum & Dad grew one. I think it may only be available in NZ.

Birthday Present

It is a deep red climber, with the most beautiful smell!


Anke said...

Very pretty!

Harry Flashman said...

Those are some pretty roses, indeed. My wife loves roses. When we lived in Naples, Italy she filled the yard with beautiful roses and they grew well in the volcanic soil. But when we moved here to the mountains, they didn't flourish in the red clay. My chickens scratched up her plants and killed them, so now we have no roses.

Sharon said...

Beautiful roses x

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