Sunday, April 08, 2007

Brrr .... chilly Easter Sunday

The girls were up at 6am today so excited to see what the Easter Bunny had bought. It's priceless the innonence of childhood. Just as it should be. They were all thrilled with what they got. Plenty of chocolate plus a few extras - a Disney Princess watch each for Kate and Ella and a Disney Princess musical tin for all those girly treasures. Ruby was delighted with her Dora torch and her Tinkerbell handbag that had 3 eggs inside. Although Ella thinks it's her handbag so there have been a few tears today. After a bit of chocky consumption, they settled down to boiled eggs and to watch their new dvd - Charlotte's Web. Gorgeous movie. It was a rainy cold Perth day - 23 deg - that is much cooler than we are used to. Pottered around the house for the morning then Kate & Ella were getting at each other so off for a drive. Being Easter Sunday not much was opened. Actually being Sunday means not much is open. This is the West after all. So we just went to Hungry Jacks - bleeergh! The girls ate and then had a lovely time in the playground. The wind turned colder and I was cold, even for me which is saying something. So we came home early. Early tea, bath, watched a bit of Charlotte's Web (again!) and now they're all tucked up sleeping blissfully!
Ahhh peace!

No pics - camera decided to break down yesterday. Not happy at all.

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House Dad said...

Are we sick of chocolate yet? Off to the dentist this morning as I now have a toothache after eating so much of the

chat soon,


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