Monday, May 28, 2007

100 facts about me ...

A self-indulgent post today. I've seen this done in a few blogs and it looked like fun! So here goes.

1. I drive a Holden Commodore
2. I work as a housekeeper
3. I have a cat called Gordon Claypot
4. I am a kiwi
5. I have blue eyes
6. I am an Aries
7. I love winter
8. I was a milkgirl for 5 years
9. I only wear gold jewellery
10. I loathe rodents
11. I use to tap dance as a child
12. I haven't drunk coffee for 9 years
13. I used to play squash & table tennis
14. My middle name is Isobel
15. I drink spirits but not beer
16. I love to wear red
17. I loved Duran Duran as a teen
18. I've only had 5 jobs in my life
19. I'm 37 years young
20. My favourite flower is yellow roses
21. I love the girls name Felicity
22. I love eating pancakes
23. I support the All Blacks
24. I've never had an operation
25. I have a fear of drowning
26. My favourite movie is You've got mail
27. My first car was a Mazda 808
28. I've never been further than Australia
29. I love my electric blanket in winter
30. I hate not knowing the time
31. Breakfast is my biggest meal of the day
32. I don't like dogs unless I know them
33. I would love to own a horse
34. My car is blue
35. I wear size 9 shoes
36. I am short
37. I have perfect eyesight
38. I've never been married
39. I don't swear
40. I have no wisdom teeth left
41. I shower twice a day. Everyday
42. I don't drink milk
42. I am a chocoholic
43. I love the Eagles
44. I have been to 3 live concerts
45. I miss NZ
46. I haven't met my nephew who is nearly two years old
46. I became an aunty at 13yrs
47. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister
48. I am the youngest
49. I love Christmas
50. I don't eat seafood
51. I don't salt my food
52. I love pink
53. I hate summer
54. My favourite exercise is walking
55. I have a fantastic memory for birthdays
56. I don't like tattoos
57. I don't like clutter
58. I like a clean & tidy house
59. I spend too much time online
60. I have red & blonde highlights in my hair
61. I have 3 holes in each ear but only wear earrings in the first ones
62. Birthdays are special to me
63. I've kept all my birthday cards through the years
64. I suffer from migraines
65. I love choc chip cookies
66. I love Kenny Rogers
67. I am a morning person
68. I love to play Monopoly
69. I love to read before turning off the light
70. I gave up alcohol for 4 years
71. I went to one primary school, one Intermediate and one High School
72. I have 1 niece and 3 nephews
73. I am right handed
74. I love Ikea
75. I can't sleep on my back
76. I don't watch tv
77. My first daughter was born when I was 17
78. My last daughter was born when I was 32
79. I was a Nana at 34
80. I have never smoked
81. I played the violin growing up
82. I went to Brownies & Girl Guides
83. I love camping
84. I am tidy by nature
85. I've made many friends online
86. I am a real homebody
87. I vacuum 2-3 times a day
88. I get restless legs when I'm tired
89. I love looking at photos
90. I love babies
91. I don't wear makeup much at all
92. I worked in a bank before my current job
93. I love wearing jeans
94. I never used to like Sundays
95. I have to eat every couple of hours or I feel sick
96. I can never miss breakfast
97. I love roast lamb
98. I tend to hold grudges
99. I am a very boring person
100. I can touch my nose with my tongue

Well there you go .... everything you ever wanted to know!

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