Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On the run

Today I've hardly stopped. Well that's what it feels like anyway. Up at 5:30am and out to the garden, in at 6:30am and made spiced apple muffins. Girls up and fed, stripped beds and got washing machine going. Ironed uniforms as I was too tired last night. Made Kate's lunch and packed her swimming gear for the start of swimming lessons. Dropped her to school and shots around to a friends house to pick up two roses she had dug up from her garden for me. Home again and a few chores got done. Raced off at 10:30am to watch Kate's lesson, home at 12:15pm. Took Ella to Kindy at 12:45pm and raced to do a bit of shopping! Picked girls up at 3pm, then home for afternoon tea. Took Kate to tap dancing at 4pm and I went to the library. Home (again!) at 5:15pm. Dinner was ready, thanks Amie! Then we pottered around outside for a bit, watering the plants etc. Back inside, Amie bathed the girls while I cleaned up the kitchen. Picked some lavender for the table, smells so lovely! Amie went out and I listened to Kate's reading and spelling and then put the girls to bed. They were all so tired they went straight to sleep. Bliss!

A few things to finish off then I'll hit the hay too. :)

1 comment:

blueblue said...

Goodness you have a busy day...ten out of ten on the domestic goddess rating scale for getting all that done : )

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