Monday, October 08, 2007

What's been happening with us?

Life is flat out, I hardly get time to blog these days. It's school holidays here right now, it's a quiet one really though seeing as we've just had a holiday. So on the days I'm not working we are visiting friends, going to different parks and a bit of shopping!

  1. We've planted a new vege garden, the girls love being outside pottering around. They have even got their own little pots happening with pansies in and mushrooms stolen from the fairy garden.

The green pot is Ella, Kate has the yellow one!

2. Ella is starting to stress about school next year. We had the same thing happening this time last year with her anticipation about Kindy this year. Now she loves Kindy and doesn't want to leave!

3. Kate might be asthmatic. She's currently on a 2wk course of ventolin to see if this is indeed the case.

4. Ruby is a real little chatterbox, her and Ella are great buddies ~ well most of the time!

5. Phil is working away still - getting a bit sick of it, but it's our life for now! Can't complain.

6. Amie is still busy minding lots of kids!

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