Monday, November 05, 2007

Blergh Sickness Strikes

Well last Monday (29th Oct) Ruby started vomiting about 9am. This continues solidly for a couple of hours where the poor girl couldn't even hold down water Amie took her straight to PMH where they stayed until 10pm that night. They arrived home, Ruby was hungry by then and they went to bed. 12:30am it all started again. Tuesday she was better after breakkie.

Wednesday Ella went to Kindy in the morning -fine. Took Kate to Jazz after school and Ella and I strolled down to the library like we often do. Suddenly Ella said she felt sick, so we rushed outside where she through up in the garden. Poor thing! We watched Kate's class and Ella slept on my knee. More sickness in the car on the way home. This continued until the following afternoon. Friday all was well in our house. Sat & Sun *I* got it. Blergh! Looking after two girls while sick was no fun.

But they were so good, really really well behaved. I was so proud of the way they let Mum sleep when I needed too. They played alot of games with their dolls, and Ruby's kitchen.

I couldn't have asked for two better daughters!

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