Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas is a comin'!

As usual the tree looks beautiful.
The decorations are a mixture of Kate's creations from Kindy/School (I hope Ella will have her own to add to next years tree) ones' that we have bought over the years, and travelled from NZ with us, and some that are gifts. Mostly from my Mum.
This bear in the boot is from Ella's first Christmas. Cute heh?
This Mother & Baby I gave to Amie the Christmas Ruby was born (she is 3 this Friday 21st -hooray) This might not be on OUR tree too many more years.
This I found for our first Christmas in this house. It reads "new home" at the top. 2005.
My Mum bought me this funny lady last year when she visited from NZ. It reads " I am not cooking dinner tonight" Bless.
Kate's star from school last year.
Kate's First Christmas.
All these Kate has made at various times. All so special.

Ella's ornament she chose this year for our annual tradition to Myer.
Kate's dove she chose.
Here's our Christmas Angel made by Kate last year in Pre-Primary. Isn't she beautiful?

The tree is up. The advent calendars have been opened. The excitement has started. Hooray. I love love Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I love homemade ornaments. Tell Kate she did a great job. We have a cardboard angel at the top of our tree too! (It's on my blog, if you want to take a look.)

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