Sunday, May 11, 2008

A weekend away

To Bunbury, WA

2 hrs south of Perth

The girls colouring - in on their beds

Not much space up the top

Just enough for two little girls

Ten -pin bowling was a huge hit

The girls had never been before, so it was exciting for them to do something different

Points at the end were:

Ailsa :100

Phil: 75

Kate: 54

Ella : 54

We walked upto the top of this lookout
Ella was a bit scared walking up and down all those steps, but was fine at the top

The view from the top

Ella hanging on for dear life!

Look at those big black clouds hovering

Time for a sit down

The view from a bottom platform

The holiday park from the outside

The girls loved the pedal bikes

Learning to play tennis

Kate quickly got bored
Ella enjoyed 'trying' to hot the ball by herself

Ï'm sick of this, can we please play mini golf now??"

Yay, this is more my thing!

This is fun!

And that's that!

On the way home, we stopped to look at the beach

The tide was in, so we admired from the bank

Of course, we had to stop at the playground too

The girl on the swing

Let's have a spin!

It rained and rained and rained
on Saturday morning

The view out the 'back' door

We never really got to sit outside and enjoy the peace

due to the weather (or being out and about when it was fine)

Hope you all had a wonderful
weekend too,
with your loved ones

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