Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cabaret 2008

Last night was the girls mid-year performance for the various dancing that they do. The excitement had been building up for weeks as we put together the costumes, hairpieces and bits that they needed.

They were begging all morning to put their gear on, especially Ruby as it was her very first time on stage. (Ella's too, but she is learning patience as she gets older)

They were very good though, all having a sleep after lunch as it was going to be a late night for them. (and it was cold, very cold!!!)

In the breaks (there were 3 of them) all the kids were allowed on the stage to do their own thing and try and win spot prizes. Ruby won a packet of pencils.

Kate practicing the splits. Ouch!

Ruby & Ella having a go at the Macarena! How cute do they look!

I wonder what Ella is whispering to her niece?

Ruby tries the splits too.


Jenny said...

Very cute.
I love their hair...did you do it?

Ailsa said...

Thanks Jenny. The are actually curly hair pieces, they look so real don't they?

Jenny said...

Mmmm... my girls would love those.

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