Tuesday, July 08, 2008

In the City

The girls were starving when we arrived in the city so we headed to Muffin Break for a hot chocolate and a muffin. The girls both chose a choc chip one as they have to always have the exact same thing.


We did a bit of shopping after that, some new trackies for me to slob around the house in, ha ha! Had a look in David Jones and found Phil a gorgeous wool jumper for half price. Got to love a bargain. Kate & Ella chose some canvas pictures to paint for their rooms which will give them something to do when it's raining tomorrow. We noodled around a few more shops, nothing really taking my fancy, but it was nice to browse.


Then we had a wander out in the lovely winter sunshine and decided to go to the museum. It's always a favourite place to visit for us.


There are a few lovely building that surround the museum, not sure what they were once used for or what they are now as there were no signs up, but they were lovely nonetheless.


The Museum of Western Australia

The dinosaur skeletons are always a hit.

I love the colours in this window

The girls infront of a rock collection

The solar system

And the girls most favourite part - Discovery

Ella playing with some dinosaurs.

Kate with a jigsaw puzzle

Watching the commuters catching the train.

Miss Ella, taken by Kate

Kate (and me ... Eeeek!) taken by Ella

I thought Ella was very quiet on a train home, she did alot of walking today, I was very proud of her as she usually asks a squillion times if I can carry her. Lucky for her she's so small and sweet. :)

Bless her xx

It's been a great day, the girls said when we got home, what a wonderful day they had. Makes it all worthwhile when they say that.



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