Friday, July 18, 2008

Wet (again!) Friday

The girls were in charge of the camera today, so after they made an indoor cubby

lots of things to play with at 'home'

and played 'babies' They have been playing with the baby borns constantly all week. Feeding and changing them regularly throughout the day. Putting them to bed at 1pm and 5pm. Babies need lots and lots of sleep you know.

Ella and her babies

they set about taking happy snaps. The weather was wet again so definitely another indoor day. We are starting to run out of ideas

serious Kate! funny Kate!

to fill the days, thankfully we only have a few left. With Phil home last night, at least the girls have someone else to play games with, and he does give the best piggy-backs! I had a much overdue colour & cut today,

Phil about to sneeze!

I feel like a new woman. We have friends coming over tonight so at least I have someone to show it off to :) Then we did some selfportraits of the three of us.

Do you know how really hard it is to get us all looking half decent at the same time?

say cheese!

my new 'do'

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