Saturday, October 18, 2008

What's been happening at our place?

Ella now has glasses too. We picked them up yesterday and she's been proudly showing them off to anyone who wants to see them. She carries the case everywhere in one hand and the bottle of cleaner in the other. Very cute. All my girls have to wear glasses to due a left eye defect that Phil has. Phil is actually the only known male to have the condition. His Mum has it, both of his sisters, and a niece. I think Ruby might have it too. We need to get her checked out. So Amie got her first pair of glasses at 4yrs 7mths, Kate was 5yrs 9mths and Ella is 5yrs 8mths. Thanks goodness for PHI!

Kate needed a new pair (her second) the last ones had a huge scratch right down the middle of the lens. Not bad for the amount of thrashing they get.

The house smells beautiful at the mo when we open the front door. Lillies and Iris grace us as we enter! Thanks Amie!

The girls wanted to grow a flower garden so I found them a patch by the front door (so we won't forget to water it) and we went to the garden centre and they picked out a few colourful flowers.

Kate's been practising her flip on the gym ball. Eeek, have to watch out when passing. Might get a foot up the nose!

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