Saturday, February 07, 2009

Moving Day!

No! Not me, thank goodness!

Amie & Ruby are moving out to their own place.

It's actually the second time they have left, however last time they moved in with a friend of Amie's. Needless to say, they were back six weeks later!

I'm sure it will be a much more positive experience this time around.

Ella is looking forward to sleep overs - she will miss Ruby immensely!

No doubt we will still see them almost everyday. They are only a fifteen minute car ride away.

Anyway better get back to it.

Amie has to work a ten hour day today, Ruby is at Grandma's for the weekend, Phil is away, so it's mostly me, and then Amie's partner and his mate will arrive after they finish work today to do the heavy stuff.

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