Monday, July 20, 2009

Final Day of School Holidays

It's wet, cold, very windy and did I mention cold? 14 degrees tops was expected. Think it got to 11. So it's been our coldest day so far this winter. There was a hail storm too, so pretty chilly.

It was a day I would rather have stayed in bed reading my book, but Kate was celebrating her birthday (which was the end of June but couldn't team up with her friends until today due to sickness on both sides) with a trip to the movies to see Hannah Montana! Her best friend Tayah and Tayah's sister Emily were dropped off at our house at 8:30am, and we headed out for the 9:30am session. Amie and Ruby came too. The movie was great, well enjoyed by everyone.

We stopped in at Coles to get some party pies and sausage rolls to heat up at home for lunch, however on arriving home we discovered the power was out and would be until about 3pm, so we headed to Amie's house. Stayed there for a bit and got home just after 2pm and the power was back ON! Yay!

The girls played well all afternoon - Monopoly, Schools and on the Singstar!

Now off to drop the girls home and take Kate to tap! Back out into the cold ....

The book awaits!

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libby said...

Hi Ailsa,

Certainly is nice and cold!!! Luckily we missed this mornings hail storm. Sounds like a nice last day to the holidays. Now back to all the running around.


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