Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally ...

After what seemed like an eternity at home with sickies, we ventured out today for some sunshine (before a week of predicted rain!)

We caught the train into the City (the girls love doing this) As soon as we arrived we got some lunch and sat in the sun and watched the people go by

Then to the shops
The girls love trying on shoes whenever they spot some
They didn't get any :)

Ella wanted a photo of her resting.
You can just see her on the red chair.
This is in David Jones.

We looked around for a couple more hours then decided we had had enough.
There was too many people for my liking.
Well it is school holidays after all.

The train station was pretty desserted while we waited.

There are always a few pigeons about.

And here it is

Good to sit down!

1 comment:

Mrs. Darling said...

So glad you all are better. Looks like a lovely day out for some lovely ladies!

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