Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moscow Circus

We kicked off the school holidays today with an outing to see the famous Moscow Circus while it was in town. It was the first time Kate & Ella have been to a circus, so it was a huge hit. Ella got a bit bored near the end (and couldn't stop yawning!) but apart from that the girls sat wide-eyed, amazed at the skill and magic! We weren't allowed to photograph during the performances, so the only inside shots are the actors at the very end of the show! The weather was gorgeous today too - finally.

We stopped off at the garden centre on the way home and got a Jasmine for the front garden. It smells beautiful.

We finished off the day with a trip to our local park. The girls rode their bikes and I walked. Phil stayed behind to cook tea (omelettes - yummy!)

After dinner we watched Mrs Doubtfire on telly, complete with popcorn.

1 comment:

libby said...

I love the Great Moscow Circus - just amazing what those people can do.


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