Thursday, November 12, 2009

NZ Trip Nov 2009

So we set off last Tues the 3rd to the land of the long white cloud to celebrate my brother Philip, marrying Jan. The girls were very excited as it's been two years since we were there last. Sadly Phil & Brendan couldn't make it due to work, but we had a good time anyway.

saying goodbye to Brendan at Perth airport

We flew through the night and with the time difference we were utterly exhausted by the time we arrived in Hawke's Bay. After spending all day with my family we needed an early night. I left everyone at the cabin and headed out to get some dinner. By the time I got back, everyone had crashed and didn't wake up for 16 hours!

Nana & Grandad meet Jonah

We only really had 2 or 3 really warm days while we were there. The day we arrived , the WEDDING DAY and the day we left! It was a beautiful wedding, the girls enjoyed their first ever wedding. I'm so glad we could make it. I kept forgetting to get the camera out of my bag though, so I don't have many photos. I'm hoping to get some more of other people.

delightful four year olds
Cole & Ruby

The church was beautiful and the vows were ones to always cherish. After the ceremony we had a bit of time before the reception, and as everyone was starving we went to a seaside cafe for some afternoon tea. The trick was to keep the girls dresses clean whilst eating mud cake! (there wasn't much choice)

Ella having a sit down in-between dances

Philip & Jan dance the Bridal Waltz!

We didn't have much time for sight seeing as we were only there for a week, and we really just wanted to spend the time with the family. But we did visit this wonderful playground at the beach. Kate loved searching under the rocks for crabs, hence her dirty knees!

The girls were really looking forward to swimming in the heated pool at the camp. That and shopping were high on their lists of what they were most looking forward to. However the pool was freezing! So much so I couldn't even get in half way. The girls managed just two swims - but they are much tougher than me.

We visited the Arataki Honey House which was just down the road from where we were staying. I love their honey but unfortunately we can't get it into WA, so I have to make the most of it while I'm in NZ.

Mum & Dad with all the kids
Napier airport.

Alltoo soon our holiday had come to an end but not without a bit of drama first. Our first flight was at 8am, so after dragging the kids out of bed at 5:30am and finishing the packing we checked out of the camp and drove to the airport. Checked in at 7am. Found out closer to 8am that our plane had engineering problems and they would have to fly and engineer in to access it.

watching the planes at Auckland airport

However after 3 hrs of waiting and no engineer in sight, they flew us down another plane from Auckland. That was all well & good, except we had now missed our flight to Sydney! So straight to the Qantas desk to see what we could do. No worries, we could get on the next flight to Sydney. Fine. What time would we arrive in Perth? Oops sorry, there are no more flights to Perth that day. Okay. So they arrange to put us on a flight to Melbourne, then onto Perth. Perfect! So we check through with our passports and luggage. Then get told, sorry, can't go on that flight either as their are no meals left!!!! So we ended up flying to Brisbane. Problems in Bne getting from International airport to domestic. Trains delayed. Can't get a Maxi Taxi for love or money. Finally all organised and we make it home to Perth. By the time we get to bed we've been on the go for 24hrs. We could have travelled across the World in that time :)

waiting in Brisbane for our
final flight home

Amie had had enough too :)

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libby said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip with the exception of your nightmare trip home. Goodness 24 hours to get from NZ to Perth - that's mad. Feel so sorry for you and the girls.


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