Friday, January 01, 2010

Busselton, Western Australia Dec 09 - Jan 2010

fun in the sand!

We had a wonderful time camping in Busselton, all coming back a bit weary. Days were spent at the beach which was walking distance from the camp, the pool and hanging around the camp with the many friends we made. Lots of books got read, but apart from that the kids played all day every day outside. It was our first visit to Busselton, and a place we will definitely go back to. It's very clean and the folk are so friendly.

the big slide was alot of fun - they were on it for an hour and truly exhausted by the end!

enjoying an ice cream

Off to walk along the jetty

Ella clinging on for dear life at the bottom of the jetty

both girls jumped many times off this little bridge

Ella spent many happy days digging in the sand

We had a day trip to Pemberton to have a look around. It's a lovely old quaint town about 1.5hrs south east of Busselton. Lots of forests with trees you can climb. We went to the bicentenial tree . Kate wanted to go up to the first platform but it was too dangerous. She was pretty disappointed as she loves nothing better than to climb! They were allowed to go up a few steps each. You have to come back down backwards so I can't imagine them going any higher. Phil went right to the top though. Me? I like my feet firmly on the ground.

After the climb we visited the Lavender Berry Farm where we had a delicious lunch outside. The girls then got to feed the Alpaccas.

Ella before we walked into see the tree

Kate & Ella went up a few steps

Phil standing on the ground looking at how high up the tree is

The girls waited for Dad to come back down

Phil climbed right to the top of this tree. It was 25 metres to the first platform and another 50metres to the top. He said it was pretty scary going up! He came back puffing a bit :)

Ella took this gorgeous photo of Kate in the garden

The girls loved feeding the Alpaccas

Our caravan

Ella, Emma, Abbie and Kate
a final farewell


libby said...

What a fabulous family holiday you had! I can understand why the girls were not allowed to climb the tree - that looks crazy!!! Glad you had a wonderful time and it's good to see my girls are the only ones crazy enough to want to bury themselves in the sand :-).


Kez said...

That looks like a great place for a holiday! Glad you had a great time.

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