Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting ready for school

We had a full on busy day out today getting all the gear needed for school. We left the house at 8:30am and headed to Spotlight where Ella picked herself out a chair bag. From there onto K Mart to work our way through the book list. They had already run out of alot of stock, but that was okay as we had other shops we were going to anyway. After grabbing some morning tea, we drove to another shopping centre where we met up with Amie, Ruby & Jonah. We helped get Ruby's list done with what we could in BIG W, and a few more bits and pieces off Kate & Ella's list. Ella got some new sneakers too. Both the girls needed new school bags as their last ones had worn out after 3 years wear and lots of washing! Tried to find Kate some sandals but no luck in her size. Onto another shopping centre where after a few more shops we found everything we needed, except Kate's sandals. We'll have to look another day. We arrived home about 4pm totally exhausted. The girls are so excited, they came home put their uniforms on and played schools! Funny things they are!

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libby said...

I love how excited kids get about going back to school. So cute!


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