Sunday, January 17, 2010

Updating Our Bedroom

Our room is long overdue for some TLC. The curtain track broke last week, the day after Phil left and I can't fix it, so I have to wait until he is home again. I have to hang a sheet up at the window in the meantime. Anyway, I've decide to replace the curtains now that they have fallen down. They were here when we bought the house - and they are brown! Our doona cover is brown too (I didn't pick it out) and after 8 years of continual use, it's getting a bit old and tired now. The pillowcases are long faded and very thin. So I'm on the look out for something fresh and more feminine. Maybe cream or white? I was going to paint too, but the paint is in excellent condition and a great colour, so for now I'll leave it.

I love these gorgeous chairs

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libby said...

Ailsia - the blog looks great. Is this an official name change? If so I'll update my links.
I change to all white linen a few back (after a LOT of consideration) and I just LOVE it. I have it for nearly 2 years now and still LOVE it. So fresh and clean. Even my dogs don't seem to get to too dirty (which was a big concern) :-).
Those chairs are gorgeous - if I didn't have to accomodate 2 dogs beds in our room I'd definitely get something like that. Can't wait to see your transformation....when Phil gets back (isn't that always the way?)

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