Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday

The girls were super excited went they went to bed last night in anticipation of the Easter Bunny coming. Kate, the ever fastidious one made us tidy up the whole house. She would not let me sit down until the kitchen sparkled, the floors gleamed and everything was put away in its place! Bless her! Then she went straight to bed ahead of Ella and was soon sound asleep. The only downside of that was that she woke at 4am and wanted to go on an egg hunt. I, of course said no, so she hopped into bed with me and chatted nearly non-stop until Ella came in at 6am. Then they were into it! They loved looking for all the eggs and collecting them in the baskets they made earlier this week. It's also become somewhat a tradition they get new winter pyjamas too. This year they were extra lucky and got dressing gowns and ugg boots! Ruby & Jonah spent the day with us as Amie had to work. The kids played outside nearly all day (got to love this cooler weather) in their little tent. They even managed to get Jonah to sit in it, that was until he spied something better to explore!

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