Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Getaway

We had a lovely weekend away in Mandurah (an hour south of Perth) for the final days of the school holidays. After all the rain we had last week, we were lucky to have beautiful weather. The apartment was gorgeous and the view, just stunning.
The girls swam at the pool and beach, we went on a 3hour walk right up to the town centre, visited the markets, played at the play ground, and soaked up the atmosphere.
Phil is in the middle of a 2 week course, so spent a fair bit of the weekend studying. The girls and I had plenty to do though, so it was great. We went to the movies Saturday night too (walking distance) to see The Last Song. Ella fell asleep 10 minutes after it started (it must have been the 3 hr walk that morning and playing at the beach/pool all afternoon) Kate & I enjoyed it though. Phil walked down and met us after it finished as it was dark by then.
Today we shopped for some winter clothes while we had the opportunity. It's hard to pin Phil down to clothes shop and he desperately needed some new clothes.
The girls got some new bits and bobs from Smiggle - their favourite stationery store.
Back into routine tomorrow with the return of tap dancing, and back to school on Tuesday.

The fancy hot chocolates that looked too good to drink!

The view from the balcony

Building sandcastles

The view from the front of the hotel


Kez said...

That looks great - I loved Mandurah when we visited many years ago.

libby said...

What a lovely way to end the holidays. Looks like you had a great time. Love the photo of Kate in shorts and ugg boots :-).
Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to getting back into the school routine :-(.


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