Sunday, August 29, 2010


We were out the door early today to enjoy some sunshine before upcoming rain (we are not complaining - we need rain) so we headed to Whiteman Park

We were there at 10am and the place was pretty empty apart from a few early morning bbq's going. The girls played on the playgrounds then we went to the cafe for morning tea.

After we ate, we hired some bikes for the girls to get around on.
We usually take their own, but they had flat tyres so we had to hire.
They biked all the way upto the children's forest which they loved.
It has a trail of clues to solve a puzzle.

We took the bikes back after an hour and visited the lolly shop where we stocked up on our favourite sweets!

We hung around for a bit waiting for the bumper cars to open, but they never did.
By this stage Kate was starting to feel a bit unwell so we decided to go on a tram ride then head home.

When we got home, she had a bath as she felt even worse, that's when I noticed some spots on her tummy & back!

So number 2 is down with the chicken pox.
It's going to be a l-o-n-g week!


Kez said...

Oh no, poor Kate :( Hope they don't hang around for long!

libby said...

Oh dear. At least you know what to expect. And thankfully she didn't get sick until the end of the day - sounds like it was a great one.


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