Tuesday, August 17, 2010

House Improvements

new pansies growing in a basket on the wall
by the front door, yay spring is coming!

A few months ago we had some roller shutters installed on the bedroom windows and the front of the lounge window. Not only is it great for the light control and keeping the warmth in, I have noticed it has cut down the amount of outside noise at night (traffic and noisy parties a few houses away) not to mention they are great for security.
I'm actually not dreading summer as much as I usually do, I know the shutters will help keep all that bright sunshine out.
I love them!

Ella's window by the front door
she moved from the spare room at the front of the house
to the smallest room in the house
and it works perfectly for her
she loves everything neat and tidy
and it's so easy to do in a small room

front of the house
need a new letterbox soon
this one is being held up by a pile of bricks :)

the view from the front
our bedroom is on the right
spare room on the left
we still have the gardens to do!

Kate's bedroom which opens onto the back yard,
this is actually the master bedroom but I chose one of the front bedrooms
as I like our bedroom to look out onto the street!

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