Sunday, September 05, 2010

Father 's Day

walking through the busy markets

We took off down to Fremantle to enjoy Father's day today in the lovely sunshine.
We left home around 10:30am after the girls gave Phil his gifts in bed - a mug, a book, scratchies and a door hanger that Ella had made at school with the Bunnings team! I didn't get any photos of the cards and gifts yet but will soon.
Freo was absolutely packed in every inch, but we still had a great time enjoying each others company. We arrived home about 3:30pm all a bit tired and weary.
I hope all the Dad's out there had an enjoyable Father's day too.

Sunday buskers entertaining the very large crowd

Kate choosing some whistles from an outside market stall

Fremantle has lots of lovely old building including this beautiful church

Kate climbed right to the top of the pyramid

The girls had a go on the clowns mouths winning toy tigers which suited Ella, as if you didn't notice tigers are the in thing for Ella right now and chooses every opportunity she can to wear her tiger ears, tail and bow tie!

the view walking across to get fish and chips

the girls watched the live fish while we waited for our order

enjoying fish and chips at the park

We visited the Maritime Museum which we really enjoyed

Father's Day photo - Phil with the girls

finishing off the day with ice cream


Kez said...

I love Freo markets! My sister used to live in Perth, so have been there a few times.

libby said...

What a lovely day you had. Brings back lots of memories of our own time in Freo - but it was a bit colder and wetter when we were there :-).


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