Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day Nine

Ella mentioned last night at dinner that she would like to go to the Zoo these holidays.
So we had today free after taking Phil to the airport at 6am.
We decided to give Amie some time to herself and picked up Jonah (Ruby was having 3 sleeps with her other Grandparents so it meant Amie really was getting a break!)

It was Jonah's first time at the zoo and he loved what he saw. Everytime we put him down though he would run and keep on running. I think he wore his Aunties out!

We saw many signs around the place that were new since our last visit 18mths ago.
I only took photos of a few, but you get the idea.

Kate was our tour guide of the day, so we just followed where she wanted to go.

Jonah gets his first look at a giraffe

it's hard work keeping up the pace of a 13mth old

a sausage tree!

onto the zebras

a new information board for the kids

Candy floss!

a quick slide of course

some of the signs we saw

it's traditional the girls get a photo on this elephant says Kate


Libby said...

Looks like a fun day - and I love the signs. I haven't been the zoo in years but you've got me itching to go again now.


lee said...

Great pics.Thanks for the ice rink tip,we will definately go to the cockburn one at some stage.


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