Sunday, January 02, 2011

Albany Dec 2010 - Jan 2011

Canoeing down the King River
 We packed up the car & trailer and headed down to Albany (5hrs south of Perth) for some rest & relaxation. He stayed in a lovely holiday park where we only saw the girls when they were hungry or tired. They made a group of friends from the first day and they all got on so well. The girls wanted to hang around the camp every single day which was fine by us as we napped, read and chatted to other campers. On the last day we went to Denmark and visited this wonderful animal farm which was very hands on for the girls.

Here are a few pics from the holiday!

Cool fun on the waterslide

Kate loves fishing despite not catching anything

Lining up again at the waterslide

Ella spent lots of time drawing with her new friend Michael

From left: Kate, Ella, Michael, Ella and Lauren. They were pretty inseparable from Day One. This group was made up of 4 different families. Nice to see a boy in there!

The goats were so hungry and funny!

This one loved Kates hair

The girls got to bottle feed a sheep

Nice place to sleep!

Ella & Lauren with L's little brother Nathan

Outside our cabin!

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Libby said...

Hi Ailsa,

Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. My girls love staying in campgrounds too. It's so great they can make friends and have the freedom they crave.


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