Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Op Shopping

Ella tries on some of her new gear. Love this shirt  - eat, drink, sleep, DANCE! Very appropriate for a dancer!
 Today, I met up with Amie & Jonah at the shops to buy the kids winter pj's for Easter. Yes, it is a tradition here as we believe the kids gett too much chocolate and just do not need it. They always need new pyjamas anyway with growing so far, so we have made it part of Easter. After we finished at the shopping center, we visited some Op shops. We headed to some I have never been to before which was a nice change. First up was the Salvos where I got the girls some cool shirts and 3 brand new dress-up skirts. Next was Save the Children where we got a book for Ella, and a vest and a toy car for Jonah. We walked along in search of more and came across Good Sammys where more bargains were found (mostly for Jonah and Ruby) and I picked up two gorgeous Easter baskets for the egg hunt. Next door was St Vinnies where I snapped up a few bargains for Kate. All in all a good day.

Some of Kates' bargains with the Easter baskets in front

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