Wednesday, April 06, 2011


 I found these storage units at a furniture shop the other week. I had been looking for something for the laundry that wasn't too big that I could use for separating whites etc. We don't have alot of spare space, so it took awhile to find what I needed. The baskets are working so well. The top is for white that need washing. I do a load at the end of the week. The second one is for school uniforms to be washed. I wash the whole lot on Saturday mornings. The third basket is for clean socks. Both Kate & Ella's go in here. I got sick of working out which socks belong to which girls, they always ended up in the wrong room. Now they all go in together and they know which are theirs. Win-win. next are for everyday shoes they wear to school and around home. Their good shoes are in their wardrobes.

I also got a unit for Ella's room. She is in the smallest bedroom in the house (her choice as she likes where the window faces) and needed some more drawers. I got her one with 2 baskets and 3 drawers. I will get Kate one for her room too as it works so well.

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