Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Break Away

Sisters sharing a special moment
We took off for a night away to celebrate my birthday (it was on Tuesday 5th) it was the same area we went to last year, Mandurah. It's about an hour south of Perth, so perfect for a quick getaway.
I left with the girls early afternoon. Phil was going to a rugby game that night so he came down after that.
When the girls and I arrived, we check into the hotel, and then they wanted a swim in the indoor heated pool.
After we went on a long walk and ate fish and chips by the water. Very relaxing.
It was dark when we got back to the hotle. The girls had another swim while I sat and listened to the live entertainment, which was very good.
Phil arrived about 10:15pm, by then the girls were fast asleep from all that exercise!

We watched some telly then went to bed.

Up early the next morning, we played tennis and the girls had another swim until it was 10am and time to check out of the hotel. We left and headed into town in search of breakfast. Unfortunately when it cam out, I didn't feel very well, so it got left.
We headed down to the foreshore then and the market. We all had a relaxing day soaking up the rays and enjoying each others company.

It was nice and quiet at the end of the day

Across the bridge to see what we could see. The late afternoon sun was just gorgeous

Nothing like eating fish and chips straight from the paper by the water!

The pool was a huge hit with the girls

The view from the hotel room

The stairs were a novelty for awhile

Ella enjoyed rock climbing, and went up 3 times

Kate does a flip on the bungy swing

Kate's turn to climb

Ella loved the bungy swing too

A quiet moment by the water enjoying an ice cone

And onto the playground

Walking hand in hand 

They couldn't help but get wet

and sandy

Even though the water was a bit nippy!

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