Saturday, June 25, 2011

Kate's 10th Birthday Party

the ipod cake made by Amie

Kate chose ice skating to have a party at this year. 
A few friends from school (2 couldn't make it) and family
This is the fourth time the girls have been ice skating, so are pretty good at it now
Jonah potted around watching everyone skate and pinching marshmallows from the party room
Lots of fun for everyone!

Smiley wee man!
Kate, Shaylee, Sarah and Isabella
Ella and Ruby
Jonah and his new friend Isla
Hannah and Isla
Brendan and Amie take to the ice!
Kate opens a present from Amie, Brendan, Ruby and Jonah
An ereader - lucky girl!!!

 These two were taken on the morning of her birthday!


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