Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jonah and Us

Jonah enjoys the trampoline
Playing with the doll in the dolls pram with her dummy, it's always been a favourite

The first slide of many

Swinging was fun too!

Playing with the duplo
Today we had the joy of looking after Jonah for a few hours (and tomorrow) while Amie was called back to her old job as a florist to help out for an upcoming school ball. She gave up the job at the end of 2010 when she moved down the coast 45 minutes away. She agreed to help out school hours for a couple of days, so we got to spend some one on one with our Grandson. Even Phil was home, so it was a first - just the 3 of us. We potted around in the morning - toddlers are very good little helpers. He passed me the pegs when I hung out the washing, helped me make the beds and generally tidy up. After lunch we walked down to the park. It was just us, and so peaceful. Looking forward to tomorrow!


Libby said...

I don't know how but that little boy just gets cuter and cuter :-). Love the photo on the swing - you're even wearing matching coloured tops :-)

Ailsa said...

Thanks Libby! The tops were a pure coincidence! Lots of people commented on it LOL. He is such a cutie and a real character. Very good talker too.

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