Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lesmurdie Falls

With Ella away for a couple of nights staying with her big sister and the kids, Kate and I got to spend some quality time together. After a lazy morning, we went off to visit a friend for an hour, then to the shops to pick up some milk and bits and pieces.
Then because the weather was so glorious, we decided on a walk to Lesmurdie Falls. It's been a few years since we've done it, so it was great to get outside in the fresh air and get some exercise. We really do live in a great place, these falls are only 5 minutes drive from our house.
Because of all the recent rain, some of the track was very muddy and slippery. But mostly it was dry and easy to walk on.
School holidays and great weather bought out alot of walkers and their dogs. All the tracks were very busy!
We stopped a few times for a drink and of course - chocolate! A must have on these walks.

We could see Perth City in the distance. Just.

It's fun to poke a stick in the water and dig around!

A rest stop- excellent!
The shoes finally came off and some paddling was done. The water was freezing! Kate was so hot, she had to cool herself down quickly.

We were both pretty tired at the end, then it was home for a quick shower and change and off to tap dancing!
It has been a wonderful day, hope yours was good too!

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Libby said...

What a fun day out you had. Amy & I have been sick most of the holidays so have done a big fat NOTHING :-(.

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