Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sun, Sand and Sea

After dancing today, we packed a picnic and headed to South Beach for a glorious afternoon. The temperature was 25 deg, a perfect spring day! The beach was really quiet, which was great, we had it almost to ourselves. The girls dipped their feet a bit and then got in the water a bit further, but after awhile they got a bit chilly so opted to play in the sand instead!
There is nothing like fresh watermelon to enjoy on a warm day at the beach

 and some chocolate cake always goes down well

there were handstands on the beach
shells to collect

getting braver in the cool water

climbing the rocks

got to love that gorgeous backdrop and of course those gorgeous children!

Ella stopped to look at the dogs swimming at the dog beach next door

cheeky seagull comes to visit

Ella does some digging

after 2 hours at the beach, we loaded our bags back into the car and headed to the playground and cafe for ice cream, hot chips and a play! A lovely Saturday afternoon!


Libby said...

Lucky you to be having such warm weather. It's been back to Winter for us here :-(.

Anne said...

Gosh Ailsa! That weather looks beautiful. We've still got a bit of a chill in the air over here. Winter's last ditch effort to hang on. PS Go the Wallabies! xx

Anne @ Domesblissity

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