Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Well done to Kate!

My beautiful clever talented daughter Kate :) came home with the offer of an Indonesian Scholarship at a high school up in the Perth Hills. 
Only 2 Year Five's from her class were selected
Kade was the other one
these are the same two kids who were chosen earlier in the year to attend this

The classes will cover Indonesian of course, plus other languages that are taught by the teachers at the high school. There are two other local primary school involved as well. The scholarship runs until they finish primary school. (Even though Kates school goes upto Year 7, she will finish in Year 6 and start high school (private) at Year 7. So these classes will run on a Monday morning from Term Four until the end of 2012. Kate is super excited and I'm so proud she has been recognised as the high achiever that we know she is!

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Kez said...

Congratulations Kate!

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