Thursday, September 22, 2011

What the kids are reading!

It was a really wet day yesterday and cold. We had a small taste of spring last week, and then it was taken away. Yesterday seemed so short and dark. Very dark. After school and before dancing we visited the library as the girls were complaining they had run out of books to read, plus we had some to return to the library. I'm happy my girls love the library so much. They always find plenty of great books to keep them going. Perfect for snuggling up in bed on a cold night with.

Kates teacher is reading a series by Justin D'Ath which has Kate hooked. So she was thrilled to locate some yesterday.

Ella loves the Judy Moody series and was thrilled that one she had reserved was waiting for her.
The movie based on this book is out next month, she can hardly wait to see it. She also reserved this one.
Ella still loves comprehensive picture books and found these cool ones
and there were some favourite authors in there too
This should keep them going for a bit and hopefully the weather will warm up again soon!

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Libby said...

What a shame we live so far away. Ella and Christy are so alike. Christy is mad for Judy Moody as well :-)

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