Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enjoying the peace and quiet

Today is the first day of just the cat and I in 3 weeks. The girls' went back to school yesterday for the final term of the year and Phil went back away for work today. It seems so quite. Lots to get through this morning though - so far I've done 3 loads of washing, made some scrolls, made the beds, cleaned the kitchen twice, vaccumed and mopped (just waiting for the floors to dry) then I'll go and watch the girls' school swimming lessons. After school we have singing and hip hop classes so we get home about 8pm. And now I'm off to prepare dinner and clean the kitchen again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ailsa, have been very busy this morning! Love the photo of your pussy cat, he has very similar markings to one of my cats. Looks like he is enjoying the peace and quiet too. I know both my cats are glad school went back yesterday! Your pumpkin soup from the other day sounds and looks tasty...will give it ago. Sounds like you have a busy afternoon/evening ahead of you. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Regards Sharon

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