Saturday, October 01, 2011

Enjoying the simple things

Camping at home.
After heading to the camping shop today to purchase a table in a sale for half price, and with it being such a beautiful day, Ella asked if she could have her tent put up when we got home
There is alot to organise to get the full camping experience at home, but a quick rest is essential!

Then it was time for a game of cards. Infact they played so many games, it kept them quite all afternoon.

Then as I was finished up sorting out the camping gear in the shed and some gardening it started to rain, so they moved the tent closer to home!
Then there was a bit more sunshine, before it set
The girls wanted to eat dinner outside at the new table (we still need bench seats, but will wait until they are on sale) and use the camping plates and cups
Then they had a bath and back into the tent to play cards (again!)
They finished off with Phil making them a hot chocolate in their mugs.

Well so I thought. The tent came inside too. Now they are sleeping in it. Well lets see if they last all night. (It's still a bit cold inside)
Good night girls!

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Anne said...

That's just lovely Ailsa. Your girls are lovely.

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