Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kings Park

With keeping with our theme of enjoying the spring sunshine, today we headed to the famous Kings Park to get some fresh air.

The grounds are beautifully kept, and of course with such beautiful weather and being school holidays, the park was very busy.

We stopped at Mt Eliza lookout which looks out over Perth City.

Then we set off on a trail, across bridges which took us high into the trees, what a view!

After that big walk, it was definitely time for some refreshments.

Ella wanted me to take a photo of her beside these pretty flowers!

Kings Park has two wonderful playgrounds. First we visited the Synergy playground which is aimed at older kids. It was really packed with lots of picnickers! The girls' rode their scooters around for a bit before playing.

We then headed around to the Ivy Watson playground which is probably better suited to smaller kids. My girls still loved it though.


Kez said...

What a gorgeous park - its probably been 15 years since I've been to Kings Park.

Libby said...

Just catching up with all you've been up to. We loved our visit to Kings Park - seems funny seeing almost the same photos I took but with your kids instead of mine :-). Sounds like your having wonderful school hols. Makes me miss the days of the playground - Amy is too old now :-(.

MrsW - Smell the Roses said...

Hi There, I just popped in from Roses Among the Veg to have a quick look at your Pumpkin Soup recipe and got drawn in looking at your other posts :) These photos are fabulous, what a wonderful view! Your girls looked like they really enjoyed the day :) I must say I love the RWC photo in your earlier post, it's consuming alot of time here in NZ and we wonder how many people are following it outside NZ :) Better head off now, Regards, Ruth from http://comesmelltheroses.blogspot.com/

Gypsy said...

I'm just catching up too- and really appreciated this post- lots for the 'to do' list. Gypsy

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