Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Perth Royal Show

We caught the train into the city this morning and met up with Amie's train coming up from the south. Then all together we caught another train out to the Claremont Showgrounds to have some fun at the show. The girls had been looking forward to it for days.

The view as we walked from the train down the hill into the showgrounds
The queues to pay were quite long, but they seemed to move pretty quickly. This year due to CHOGM the government set free entry for kids under 12 which was a great saving.

First up we visited the Scouts Zone which had tons of free activities for the kids to enjoy!
walking across the bridge was first up

Pretty lights entertained Kate for ages
Jonah wasn't too sure though
Ella and Ruby go through the maze
Free face painting!

After that we wandered along and of course the girls' wanted to go for a ride on the "Sky View" and get some show bags. 

They both chose Sponge Bob show bags

The crowds through the side shows was just as you would expect - CRAZY!
Kate & Amie went on the roller coaster - "Python Loop"

then she took Ella on the Splash Down (Ruby is still too short for alot of the rides)

They both got pretty wet!
but came out smiling!

Kate entertained a tired Jonah by showing him Sponge Bob

The girls all had a few goes and getting a lucky number and choosing a prize!

Ella was lucky and chose "Dumbo"

Then we all sat down on the grass so Jonah could have a run around, and we had an ice cream and fairy floss.

the girls looked through their show bags to see what they got (they later got a "glow bag" each as well) 

Jonah loves to get up close and personal for a photo these days

He spent some time burning some energy by throwing Ella's toy around

The beautiful stilt lady was giving out some freebies - they all got a frisbee.

I took the girls' on the "Sky View" at the end of the day. We got a good view from up above!

A view of the train station down below with lots of passengers waiting for a train home

We did visit the pavillions which held food tasting, craft and lots of goodies (and junk! to buy) We visited the cat show but could hardly move in there. We stopped in shady spots quite a bit to rest our weary legs. We all had a great day though and I'm sure we will all sleep well tonight.

Kate on the train home with her new cowgirl hat from her Glow Bag!

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Libby said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all. And you had some great weather (still freezing over here :-( ). And Jonah just gets cuter all the time.

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