Saturday, November 05, 2011

What's been happening around here ...

Saturday morning at our place
  • The girls' have been having extra dance lessons as we head towards our end of year concert.
  • Kate is loving her LOTE class once a week at a local high school up the hill.
  • The girls' have written and re-written their Christmas lists.
  • We've been out walking every evening again.
  • We are buying more camping equipment for our trip at Christmas. We have to buy a trailer though as the one we usually borrow the owners have moved away.
  • Pillow pets are the in-thing. (see above photo)
  • Phil is working as hard as ever. He will be home as usual next week, but won't be home on his break the swing after due to covering another trainer who is going away. Lucky we will be flat chat with the concert so it won't be too bad.
  • I've been shopping for Ruby's birthday which is four days before Christmas.
  • There have been lots of Monopoly being played. And a few tears.
  • There's been exercising on the Wii Fit.
  • The girls' are learning to cook more, and it's been pretty good!
  • The vege garden is doing well, and the potted colour are surviving the warmer weather, with lots more water.
  • There are catch ups weekly with good friends!

1 comment:

Gypsy said...

Ruby must be just after Will- his is the 19th of December!

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