Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

5am - the girls wake and open their stockings
Ellas long awaited ipod
Kate with her water gun
The trampoline were gave Ruby and Jonah was a huge hit
The kids waiting for breakfast. Ruby may look grumpy but she really wasn't!
Fun on the water slide
Play doh time!
Ella checks out Just Dance on the Wii once we get home
Christmas isn't complete without pavlova
The basketball hoop was a huge hit as well
Kates favourite game "Bocce"

We had a lovely Christmas Day, which started off at 5am when the girls came into us. We allow them to get up early at Christmas and on their birthdays, the excitement is too much to be sleeping!

It was a little bit different this year. We are usually at home and Amie & her lot come to us, but this year we went to their house for breakfast (45 mins away) as we bought Ruby & Jonah a trampoline so that needed to be put together. 

It was also my first time ever I did not get to speak to my family on the phone. With Dads passing during the year, My sister opted to get Mum away for a few days which was the best thing. 

As you can see by the above photos the weather was kind to us, while most of the rest of the country had rain, thunderstorms and maybe even a cyclone! It was 32 deg, which was cooler than past years.

There was lots of playing at Amie's house, and we bought Amie and Brendan a dishwasher (they've never had before) so we set that up and put the first lot of dishes through! We left at lunchtime and came home. Phil decided to put the basketball hoop up straight away - 2.5 hrs later it was done. What a nightmare!

The afternoon was spent playing basketball, bocce, on the Wii, drawing, and eating lots of yummy food. The girls crashed shortly after 9pm.

I had you and your families had a lovely day too.


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