Saturday, December 03, 2011

Dance Concert 2011

Kate and Ella - Ballet - Flowers Copellia
Kate - Jazz - Sam I Am
Ella - Jazz - Ghostbusters
Kate - Singing - Light up the World
Ella - Hip Hop - Yeah

There are unfortunately two photos missing, Kate in her tap costume and in her hip hop costume. Due to quick costume changes there was no time for her to go down for photos, so one day over the holidays I will take my own. The girls' had a great time once again but were very tired by the end of the second night. Kate was thrilled she won a trophy again - this time in her singing class!

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Libby said...

They look fabulous. Definitely a proud Mum moment. I'm seeing the concert for the girls new dance school tomorrow but I know it's going to be nothing what I'm used to. Their new school is very relaxed and I know the performance is going to be much more amatuer (sp?). But they are happy at their and the lessons are at the school so it's a win/win, even if we have to sit through boring concert :-).

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